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22 August 2013 How Much Do We Depend On Google?

How Much Do We Depend On Google?

As some of you may know Google hit the headlines last Friday (16th August 2013) after going down for a whopping 5 minutes. That doesn't sound like much, however, that 5 minute blip cost them an estimated $545,000 of revenue. Yes, you read that correctly, more than half a million dollars for 5 minutes of downtime, a huge amount! This rare…

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29 July 2013 Is All SEO Black Hat?

Is All SEO Black Hat?

Think about that question for a moment. Your first answer is probably; “No, of course not, don’t be silly!”, but really think about it, detach yourself from reality for a couple of minutes and consider the following. Black hat SEO is often thought of techniques that maliciously or unfairly inflate your search engine rankings. Granted this is usually through methods such…

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22 July 2013 Google Easter Eggs - Our Favourites

Google Easter Eggs - Our Favourites

Google may seem like the big horrible overlord that rules the web (especially after reading our last two SEO blogs!), but behind all of the hard-faced SEO algorithms they do have a sense of humour! They often indulge in seasonal Easter eggs and holiday-based doodles for their home page, but they also have a host of treats buried in their search…

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15 July 2013 SEO 2013 - SEO Advice and Tips

SEO 2013 - SEO Advice and Tips

With some of the recent changes in the SEO world it has become clear that some of the ranking factors that we are used to being important are gradually becoming less relevant whilst some that we thought were useless are starting to come good. Although Google has cracked down on spammy SEO techniques and overly-optimized web pages, some of these techniques…

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08 July 2013 Penguin 2.0 - Our Thoughts

Penguin 2.0 - Our Thoughts

It has been just over a month now since Penguin 2.0 was officially rolled out. Although it is the fourth penguin-related launch that Google has released (which is why some are calling it Penguin 4.0), the previous two releases were simply data refreshes, whereas this release was an updated algorithm, so it’s the second update that would make a significant…

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