Google Easter Eggs - Our Favourites

Posted: 22 July 2013

Google Easter Eggs - Our Favourites

Google may seem like the big horrible overlord that rules the web (especially after reading our last two SEO blogs!), but behind all of the hard-faced SEO algorithms they do have a sense of humour!

They often indulge in seasonal Easter eggs and holiday-based doodles for their home page, but they also have a host of treats buried in their search engine which you can try out for yourself by simply typing in phrases.

Note: To get back to regular Google just search for something else in the google search bar.


If you type in ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ into Google, the page does just that!

Google Easter Eggs - Tilt/Askew

Great fun as a trick to play on an unsuspecting victim, they won't know what's hit them!

Do a Barrel Roll!

A similar trick is the ‘Do a barrel roll’ gag, which originates from the Star Fox 64 game for the Nintendo 64, in which the same voice clip was used for every character when they said ‘do a barrel roll’. When typed into Google, the whole page flips!

Google Easter Eggs - Do a Barrel Roll!

Atari Breakout

Remember the original Atari breakout, launched in 1976? Even if you don’t, you will probably have played one of its numerous clones at some point. If you haven’t, type ‘Atari Breakout’ into Google Images and have a game! Great fun!

Google Easter Eggs - Atari Breakout

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

The instantly recognisable lyrics from Harry Nilsson’s hit song ‘One’. Quite a sad song, but leave it to the search giants at Google to put a smile on our face! Type in ‘the loneliest number’ into Google, and you are greeted with the correct answer!

Google Easter Eggs - One is the loneliest number


If you type ‘Anagram’ into Google, it will give you just that!

Google Easter Eggs - Anagram


Type ‘recursion’ into Google and it asks you if you meant ‘recursion’ and this keep recurring, and recurring, and recurring, and recurring….

Google Easter Eggs - Recursion


If anyone reading this is a keen gamer then you may already be aware of the term ‘Zerg Rush’. It originates from the popular RTS game ‘Starcraft’, in which you could mass produce offensive units very quickly, allowing you to overpower your opponent by sheer number. Often considered a dirty move, Google has a fun take on it. Typing ‘Zerg Rush’ into Google presents you with a little mini game where the Google ‘O’s attack your search results, eating them, and to kill them you must click them 3 times. It also gives you a counter with the total kills you have, and your APM (actions per minute) count. Great fun!

Google Easter Eggs - Zerg Rush

If you get beaten by Googles Zerg Rush, which you most likely will (eventually), they will form into ‘GG’ which, in the PC gaming world, means ‘Good Game’. Good game indeed, Google.

Good Game, Google!

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon – The ‘Bacon Number’

The ‘Bacon number’ of a person is calculated by the number of degrees of separation an actor or celebrity has from Kevin Bacon. The original game was created in 1994, and the aim was to name an actor or actress, and link them to Kevin Bacon in less than 6 steps.

A lot of you may be more familiar with the concept through the recent EE advertisements about ‘Kevin Bacon; Centre of the Universe’:

In the summer of 2012, Google introduced a feature to calculate a person’s ‘Bacon number’ by simply typing ‘Bacon Number NAME’, cracking stuff! All the possibilities of Googles vast wealth of information, and they made a Kevin Bacon calculator. I, for one, approve!

Google Easter Eggs - Bacon Number

There are quite a few that we haven't mentioned, but they are for you to find out. This proves that 

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