How Much Do We Depend On Google?

Posted: 22 August 2013

How Much Do We Depend On Google?

As some of you may know Google hit the headlines last Friday (16th August 2013) after going down for a whopping 5 minutes. That doesn't sound like much, however, that 5 minute blip cost them an estimated $545,000 of revenue. Yes, you read that correctly, more than half a million dollars for 5 minutes of downtime, a huge amount!

This rare Google hiccup got us thinking, just how much do we all rely on Google?

A lot of people see Google as just a search engine (even though it's the world’s biggest), when in reality Google is much, much more. Google is vital part of it the Internet. Without it (as we saw on Friday), the majority of people are lost - Friday's downtime saw Internet traffic drop by 40%.

Google's dominance doesn’t end at their search engine either; their online webmail service ‘Gmail’ has over 420 million users. To put that in perspective, there are around 63 million people in the UK. Everyone in the UK could have 6 Gmail accounts, and you’d still be short of the total number of Gmail users.

Google also covers more than 80% of the smart phone market with their ‘Android’ mobile operating system, with well over 1 billion (1,000,000,000!) Android devices in the world right now. That number isn’t getting any smaller either, Android is hugely popular and with phones that cost £50 to £500 its success is certain to continue.

YouTube, the world’s biggest online video sharing service, is also owned by Google. There are over 1 billion YouTube users, and 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s 144,000 hours (6,000 days) of video every day. That’s over 2,100,000 days a year!

To top things off, Google's hugely popular web browser ‘Chrome’ has over 800 million users worldwide.

Most people in the modern world won’t be able to go a day without using a Google product, whether they realise it or not. If Google were to stop all of their products and services tomorrow the Internet would be dealt a huge blow in terms of usability and productivity.

The next time you do a search for YouTube whilst using Chrome, keep in mind you are using a Google product to open Google's search engine, to search for and watch a service owned by, you guessed it, Google. Small world.

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